Who we are

GEOMETRY label specializes in Russian independent music, which has its origins in the Soviet underground rock tradition with its conception of rock (rock-n-roll) as nonprofit (i.e. anti-pop) music, often with a certain social or political air, and as a lifestyle collective musical consciousness (A. Voznesensky).

Nowadays, as Russian and post-Soviet musical milieu is becoming more and more mercantile, the mission of sticking to roots (B. Grebenschikov) seems to the founders of GEOMETRY label particularly relevant, although it may look somewhat quixotic.

The label is firm in not engaging in mass culture products, which is reflected in rejection of cheap packing (so-called glass) and mass mp3 format. Moreover, there are limited editions made with great loving care: in unique polygraphy and with individual number given to each and every disk.

One more distinctive feature of the label is a rare desire to combine prospection searching and publishing new bands including those from remote places of Russia and even foreign countries with reverent attitude towards the Soviet rock heritage expressed in releasing legendary musicians albums that had not been published yet or that had been regarded as lost.

Sergey Guriev (rock journalist)


Oleg Sakmarov / Sakmarov-band
"Anniversary concert" (DVD) / "Silkworm" (CD)

A box-set that includes a CD with Oleg Sakmarov's album "Silkworm" and a DVD with the record of a concert on the 15-th anniversary of his creative activity (B2 club, 26.09.04), where the concert versions of the songs from the album were performed. Oleg Sakmarov is a famous St. Petersburg flutist and saxophonist, who worked with such groups as Aquarium, Nautilus Pompilius, Vyhod etc. Boris Grebenschikov, Sergey Galanin, Vasiliy Aksenov, a writer, and groups Vyhod, Huy Zabey, Zerna, Sakmarov-band took part in the anniversary concert, everyone played with Oleg Sakmarov. The DVD includes a unique track: Boris Grebenschikov and Oleg Sakmarov performing a Huy Zabey group's composition "Talalikhin".

Vezhlivy Otkaz
«Concherto» (2DVD+2CD)

2006. MAAT of Gorky. The legendary group has reunited for the one and only concert. The hall is sold-out. The best songs for the last 20 years. Guest musicians, friends and guests of the legendary group.

Radical edition, which is basically devoted to the big landmark concert of Vezhlivy Otkaz in MAAT (MKhAT) of Gorky 24.03.06., but is expanded to a great video anthology. Vezhlivy Otkaz is a unique Moscow group, whose music contains elements of rock, reggae, modern-jazz and neoacademism. The artistic conception of the group had variety of deflections in different time, some of the musicians took part in the filming of Sergey Soloviev's "Assa". Besides audio- and videorecordings of the concert in MAAT, where the group performed songs of all periods of it's history since 1985, the edition of "Concherto" includes rare videoclips, interviews with the members of the group of different periods, shootings of the "Program A" and the film "A fir Submarine. In the refusal" (a fragment of Alexander Lipnitskiy's program on "Nostalgia" channel).

Sound on the DVD: PCM stereo, DD 5.

"Gegen Acht"

The abbreviation U.C.A. is not related to the ska style, it means "the Union of the Commercial Avant-garde" and represents a side-project of Nikolay Rubanov, a saxophonist from the "Auktyon" group. The U.C.A. group, which plays "new improvisational music" and, according to the weekly "Your leisure", "combines in it's creativity drive and elegancy, welter and polish", exists since 1996 and has already released seven studio albums. The debut DVD U.C.A. "Gegen Acht" presents a concert, which was held in summer 2007 in the harbour of the Rostock city (Germany) on an ex-fishing trawler "Stubnitz", which was converted into a mobile culture center. This record is an evidence of the exceptional scenic artistry of Nikolay Rubanov and the second leader of the project, Mikhail Bernikov, a vocalist ("A time to love").

"25 years in the same boat"

The first official DVD of a legendary group from St.Petersburg, which was the leader of the "rock revolution of 80's". The edition contains a big solo concert devoted to the presentation of the "Deja Vu" album in "DK Lensoveta" on 25 April 2009 that also coincided with the 25-th anniversary of the group. That day the contemporary membership of the group with its permanent leader Mikhail Borzykin was enlarged by the members of the "golden age" of "Televizor" Alexander Belyayev (guitar) and Alexey Ratsen (drums), and also by the DDT's keyboardist Konstantin "Kot" Shumaylov and the Junglie's keyboardist Marc Bomstein, both of whom worked with Televizor in the 90's. Songs of different periods were performed during the concert, from the debut album "Fishes March" (1985) to "Deja Vu". The DVD that lasts 2,5 hours consists of 39 trscks and a bonus with the video recording of the rehearsal before the concert.

Simultaneously with the release of the DVD on the disks there was a free internet distribution on

Double two-layer DVD. Sound: Dolby 2.0, PCM Stereo.

Iva Nova
"an Extra-ordinary concert in DOM"

A concert album of St.Petersburg female folk-punk quintet: Slavonic tunes, punk energy, colourful shooting. On the disk, which commemorated a concert in Moscow club DOM 19.12.08., the contemporary structure of the group is presented. All songs are recorded with unique arrangements and with unusual sound for the group, which is caused by the creative editing by "Dobrolyot" studio. Besides well-known compositions the album includes the new hit "Finnish Tango" and also a bonus "About sex, rams and music dependence" - an interview after the concert.

Sound: PCM stereo.

"Auktyon without Saxophone"

The first DVD edition of the famous "concert on Fontanka" on 24 November 1997. This concert was performed by Auktyon unplugged with non-trivial drums, diverse percussion and rare trumpet insertions, so that the staff was unique. The most part of the songs that were performed on this concert was included in the solo album "4,5 tons" by Leonid Fedorov. Apart from that, there are also many rarities, which you will never meet anywhere else, like inimitable performance of the song "Sosyot" by Oleg Garkusha singing, playing the guitar and telling jokes, or like the song "Zimy ne budet" which wasn't included in the early VHS version. There are two versions of the concert given, one of them contains conceptual conversations between the songs. Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0.

"Both it is heard, and it is written" (limited edition)

The re-edition of the collection of Auktyon band's videoclips by limited edition: 999 numbered copies in exclusive packing, which imitates a book with a disk within. A clip on the song "The wolf" and a 20-minute slide-show with Oleg Garkusha's off-screen comments are added as bonuses.

Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 and PCM stereo.

"Both it is heard, and it is written"

The only published collection of videoclips of the famous St.Petersburg group: "The Road", "My love", "Splinters", "The winter won't come", etc. - in all 11 videoclips. Includes stories about their creation told by members of the group and also a concert record of the song "Bombs" (Concert Hall "Oktyabrskiy", 1988) as a bonus.

Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0

"Girls Sing: Concerts" (2DVD)

The only official live album of the legendary Petersburg group. Includes video recordings of concerts that presented the "Girls sing" album and were held in St. Petersburg (DK Lensoveta, 21.04.07) and in Moscow (B1 Maximum club, 22.04.07). Vladimir Volkov (double-bass) and transatlantic indie-stars Marc Ribot (guitar) and John Medeski (keyboard), who had taken part in the recording, also performed in the concerts. Both concerts are different by sound from each other and from the album record. Besides, if the record of the St.Petersburg concert directly represents a concert video, the Moscow concert can be watched in two variants of editing: a standard one and the one with addition of some surrealistic video art.

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 2.0, PCM stereo.

Polkovnik & Odnopolchane
"Two Suns"

The forth and the last album by the group of a rock bard from Nizhny Novgorod Alexey "Polkovnik" Khrynov. This work was not finished before the death of the musician: the recording has been realized during 2006-2007, but in 2008 Polkovnik died of heart attack. The producer of the album Andrey "Khudoy" Vasilyev (ex-DDT) invited such famous musicians as Sergey "Chizh" Chigrakov, Vadim Kurylyov, back-vocalists of DDT (duet "Raduysya") and also the violinist Maxim Povedsliy, a member of the Nizhny Novgorod's staff os the group. Specially for the edition of 2010-2011 Vasilyev re-mixed the recording. The bonus DVD contains over 5 hour s of video, mostly concert recordings of the period when the album was created; authoring was made by Alexander Chernetskiy (Raznye Lyudi). Moreover, the bonus includes acoustic demo of all the songs from the album with a special photosession and its video recording as a visual part.

Nochnoy Prospekt

"Acids" is a classic album of the pioneers of Russian electronic industrial music, which was recorded in 1988 by the "golden" membership of the group: Borisov-Sokolovsky-Kutergin-Pavlov. There are lots of unusual studio experiments with analogue and digital electronics. Six more tracks are added to this edition: 2 studio tracks which were recorded at the same time with "Acids" but weren't included in the album, and 4 concert tracks of that period. The attached DVD is the first official video recording of Nochnoy Prospekt. It includes a video interview with the musicians, which was made in 1987 for the German film "Dawai Rock-N-Roll!" and hasn't been published before, an archive recording of the concert in the International Trade Center (1988) and also 4 video clips. Among the last ones there is a reel "Acids" mounted specially for this edition by Gosha "Ginger" Shaposhnikov and based on fragments filmed by the German company H2O in 1987.

Tribute Collection
"Songs of Alexander Laertsky. Part 3"

The long-expected third part of the tribute collection of the banter-rock's founder Alexander Laertsky. On the first two disks published in 2008 versions of his songs were presented by Zapreschennye Barabanschiki, Huj Zabey, Boney Nem etc. The third disk includes a new cover by Boney Nem - this time on the immortal hit "Huj, Govno i Muravey",- and other witty versions by Landyshi, Shmeli, Mamul'ki Band, a famous businessman Alfred Kokh (arranged by Vladimir Matetsky) and other gifted connoisseurs of Laertsky's creative work. In all - traditional for the tribute disks 18 tracks. As usual, lots of obscene language.

Tribute Collection
Songs of Alexander Laertsky. Part 2

A tribute collection of the founder and a classic of banter-rock, Alexander Laertsky, on two disks prepared by the musician himself. The first disk of the tribute collection of Alexander Laertsky's songs. His songs of different periods are performed by such groups as Diesen Gage, Vyhod, Shvakh, Mys Canaveral, Natalia Pleshneva etc. in their own versions. Lots of obscene language.

Tribute Collection
Songs of Alexander Laertsky. Part 1

A tribute collection of the founder and a classic of banter-rock, Alexander Laertsky, on two disks prepared by the musician himself.The first disk of the tribute collection of Alexander Laertsky's songs. His songs of different periods are performed by such groups as Zapreschennye Barabanschiki, Huj Zabey, Bratya Po Razumu (Vova Siniy), Boney NEM, a famous opera bass Dmitriy Stepanovich etc. in their own versions. Lots of obscene language.

"No Exit"

The group Vyhod, headed by permanent soloist Sergey "Silya" Selyunin, in the beginning of 80-s was a part of "the big four of St.Petersburg underground" together with Aquarium, Kino and Zoopark. "Some are far distant, some are dead'', but Vyhod is still in underground, and "No exit" (1993) is considered to be almost the best album of the group. The album includes famous hits like "Don't Cry, Poor Creature", "Night from Friday to Monday", "Near the Watercourse, near the River", "Invite Me for Hemp", "I've Imagined Them All", "The Year of Goat", etc.; the bonuses include the unique version of Ilya Kormiltsev's song "Walks on the Water", which is more famous performed by Nautilus Pompilius, and also videoversions of all songs. For the first time the album was published in 1994 by "Otdeleniye vykhod", which was a sub-label of "TAU product" at that moment. Present reissue, which was realized in 2003, is refreshed by capital remastering; also here it turned out well to embody completely the design concept that was originally conceived, but not realized in 1994 because of some technical reasons.

Vostochny Sindrom
"Studio 13"

The first Russian edition of the first and the best album of the unique group from Magadan, one of the most important russian alternative rock music sensations of the line 80-90s. The key members of the group are no longer alive. "Studio 13" is the live classic of tape publishing: home-made 16-chanel record of powerful, unique experimental music with the elements of psychedelic and post-punk. Incredibly careful restoration work was done to each track of this edition; the song "Casino" was added to the initial track-list as a bonus. The original cover of the tape album and archival Magadan photos were used in design. The booklet includes the phenomenal creation hictory of "Studio 13" album.

The release is dedicated to the memory of Konstantin Bityukov.

Vezhlivy Otkaz
"Moscow-St.Petersburg 12 and 14 february 2003" (2CD)

The recordings of two concerts of Vezhlivy otkaz in 2003, which were considered to be the last ones - 12 of february in B2 club in Moscow and 14 of february in RedClub in St. Petersburg. In other words, "Farewell to Moscow" and "Farewell to St.Petersburg". Both concerts differ from each other by mood, which every time suites the spirit of the city that the concert is held in: the Moscow concert is more "perky", the St. Petersburg one is more concentrated and spiritual. Conceptual design in the form of a poster with the pasteboard St. Petersburg - Moscow of the leader of Vezhlivy otkaz Roman Suslov.

Vermicelli Orchestra
«The Wanderer»

The last album of an instrumental ethnic art rock group from St.Petersburg, which was recorded in three years and finished shortly before the death of the group's leader, a composer and accordionist Sergey Schurakov. This is some kind of sizing up of the group's ten-year development, during which their sound have constantly obtained new and new nuances. "We've recorded "The Wanderer" for a long time," said Sergey Schurakov, "We worked on this project with inspiration, creatively, without any rush but wishing to make a masterpiece." According to Sergey Schurakov, the distinctive feature of this album is "some touch of flamenco in a number of compositions - sort of flamenco mixed with rock'n'roll". The edition of "The Wanderer" completes the diskography of the unique group, which performed with the such stars as Peter Hammill (Van der Graaf Generator) and Michael Nyman and took part in recording of Marc Almond's album "Heart on Snow".

Vermicelli Orchestra
Sunless City

The soundtrack for the film "Sunless City" (2006) with Sergey Bezrukov playing the main part of a photographer who is dying of AIDS. The film crew decided to engage the leader of the "Vermicelli Orchestra" Sergey Schurakov, who is known by general public for his unions with Boris Grebenschikov, Sergey Kuryokhin, Leonid Fedorov, Andrey "Dyusha" Romanov, Maxim Leonidov. The movie creators took the music of his group as a distinctive symbol of St. Petersburg, which can also be understood as a film character. "We wanted to supplement the image with contrapuntal music, which could bring some hope to the harsh footage," says the film director Sergey Potyomkin, "Radiant and positive compositions by Sergey Schurakov and "Vermicelli Orchestra" added a necessary portion of optimism to my film." The disk contains 18 tracks - this is the number of musical themes written by the group during the six-month work on the soundtrack - and also two videoclips. Music for the film "Sunless City" got the first prize on the international film festival "The Young and Cinema" at Koszalin, Poland (2006). A year after the premiere Sergey Schurakov died of peritonitis at the age of 47.

Vermicelli Orchestra
"Marcus Aurelius"

After a five year break Sergey Schurakov's orchestra started recording a soundtrack for a documentary about the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The presented suite appeared in the process of recording and was published separately.

Vermicelli Orchestra is a group of St.Petersburg accordionist and concertmaster Sergey Schurakov, who died in 2007. He used to play in several memberships of Aquarium, worked with Sergey Kuryokhin's Pop-mechanica and with the Trilistnik of Dusha Romanov, recorded with Leonid Fedorov, Kolibri and in the project "Mitkovskie Pesni". "Marcus Aurelius" is the music which was written for a documentary of the same name, but then grew into something more serious. The form is a suite in ethno-art-rock style.

"Deja Vu"

A new album by a legendary St.Petersburg group, which was a flagship of the "rock-revolution" of the end of 80's. It continues the line of the best works of that period: severe EBM (heavy electronic music) with sharp social lyrics, which are full of eccentric neologisms ("kremlyad'", "gasprombiter" etc.). At the same time there are some profound lyrical compositions. Inside the first thousand cories there is a big poster of A3 format.


A debut album of a trio from Minsk PORT MONE, which was founded in 2005 by Alexey Vorsoba (accordion), Alexey Vanchuk (bass guitar), Sergey Kravchenko (percussion, djembe). For the Moscow public Port Mone became one of the main discoveries on the topical Belorussian music festival "Mozhno!", which took place in "Ikra" club in autumn 2008. "Afisha" magazine asserts that music of Port Mone "reminds Kimmo Pohjonen that has run into Zen-Buddhism"; other critics consider that the group "has done the same thing with ambient as Red Snapper did with jungle and trip-hop". The sound spaces of Port Mone are more characteristic of electronic music, but unlike electronic music, they are created only "alive". The CD is designed in the strain of stylish minimalism, which is close to the design of esoteric European electronic albums of the end of the previous century.

Nochnoy Prospekt

The second album that was recorded by Nochnoy Prospekt after Ivan Sokolovskiy had left the group - immediately ater "Asbastos", in 1990. Although "Sugar" is made in the same "post-industrial" way as the albums of the end of the 80's were, it differs from them by it's more live "rockers" sound with some elements of funk. Earlier this album came out only in small circulation on the local Swedish label "Accelerating Blue fish" and became a rarity for the worldly-wise music lovers long ago. This edition is completed by some unique concert records, which were made in 1989 in Sweden during the promo-tour. The package is the same as the package of "Asbastos", it's the ecopack, which is popular abroad.

Nochnoy Prospekt

The first album that was recorded by the pioneers of native electro-industial music after one of the founders, a multi-instrumentalist Ivan Sokolovskiy, had left the group in 1989. Under the guidance of another leader, Alexey Borisov, the Nochnoy Prospekt group continues in a new way the post-industrial aesthetics of the previous and classic for the group album "Acids" with its gloomy and absurd lyrics. The track-list of the album, which was first published in vinyl in 1989 by the "SNC Records" label, here is completed by some compositions that weren't added to the album but range to the same cycle. The package is the "ecopack" that is popular abroad but rare in Russia.

Luchshe Pozdno

A joint work of two veteran musicians from Nizhny Novgorod. Vadim Demidov is the leader of the legendary Chronop group, which is a diplomaed of the rock-festival "Podolsk-87", later he worked with such groups as Zamsha (radiohits "My Chechnya" etc.) and Krupskaya. Andrey Kolesov was the leader of the rock-group "DAO", which successfully performed at the Moscow festival "SyRock-89", and then he immerged into electronic music, worked with remixes. In the LUCHSHE POZDNO project Demidov's songs sound in a new way because of lounge arrangements of Kolesov, who plays here on different exotic instruments (oud, bağlama, reed pipes).

Leonid Fedorov
"Lilac Day" limited edition

A limited re-edition of the "Lilac day", which was made five years after the release of the first version, in 999 copies (without any overprints!) produced on the Austrian "Sony DADC" factory. The disk is printed "on gold". The track-list is changed versus the first edition, the new reading of an exquisite song "An Ancient" by Alexey Khvostenko is added. The cover is transformed through the latest technology "stereo-vario", which lets an Australian aborigine turn into Leonid Fedorov sitting in the same pose and backwards.

Kseniya Fedorova
Oom Ra

This album, which consists of eight concert tracks, all recorded by the daughter of the legendary Auctyon's vocalist Leonid Fedorov, is strangely laconic. Piano arpeggios and extraordinary by their melodics and movement vocal parts are not as much baroque ornament of the album, as the chase for the most full and accurate self-expression. The context built around Kseniya Fedorova's music perfectly fits the sound of her songs, determinent element of which is intonation, but not the text and the form.

Kontora Cooka

A new album by the veteran post-rockers from Samara - a true pearl of independent music. Hypertrophied originality of the group's compositions reaches here unprecedented maturity and polish. The sophistication of the lyrics and the arrangements doesn't interfere the magnetism of rhythms, which submerge listeners into creative element of the group and don't release throughout the disk. The original drawings made by the daughter of the permanent leader of the group, Cook, were used in the design.

Kontora Cooka

A classic album of a post-rock group from Samara, which has a rich twenty-year history. All is unusual here: sound, vocal, arrangements, design. What is more, there are no deliberate extravagances, there's just aligned and organic result of the unique look of the group members at the absurd world around. The "Stereo&Video" magazine called this work a "puppet rock-opera".

Knyaz Myshkin
"Hot Finnish Zartipos"/"Koshyk"

The disk includes two archive programs of an elegant group from Minsk, which determines it's style as "intuitional improvisation". A number of unusual musical instruments, such as goat's hoofs, shaman drums, Valdai bells and African noise instruments, was used in the recording, and their colourful row alternates with beautiful bass-guitar solos. A famous Belorussian ethno-musician Ivan Kirchuk (Troitsa) participated in the recording, playing the gusli, the Dutch ocarinas, bamboo, etc.

"Six Coachmen from Casablanca", "Spring in Shanghai" (2CD)

Double album - virtually complete collection of studio records of one of the most sophisticated Leningrad Rock-club groups, whose name is mentioned in Alisa's song "Totalitarian rap" alongside with Aquarium and Zoopark. Spiritual instrumental compositions of the group, pierced with wonderful melodies, organically go together with the elements of modern jazz and ethnics. Junglie can safely be considered to be a supergroup: it's members in different time performed with such groups as Kino, Auktyon, DDT, Aquarium, etc.

All known records of the group, collected and renovated, sound true to this day and make listeners take thought for the composer's talent of Andrey Otryaskin, the leader of the group.

Iva Nova
"Treat Tenderly"

New album of the bright St.Petersburg group "Iva Nova". While preparing for work the musicians have set their aim as "to find new sound that was not used before".

Iva Nova is considered to be the most bright young group of the beginning of this century. This brilliant union of energetic girls appeared in 2002. The collective at once started to conquer people's hearts with music and vigour. Crazy synthesis of sincerity, professionalism and each girls' individuality can't leave one indifferent. Iva Nova have under their belt dozens of performances at numerous festivals, television and radio projects, and also solo club concerts. For over 5 years apart from concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg the group tours all over Europe - in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Sweden, Finland, Iceland. The most part of work on new sound tokk place in the studio of the "Russian noise's grandfather", a famous avant-garde musician Nikolay Sudnik. Over 50 unusual musicaL instruments, such as an old disk telephone, polyethylene parcels, casseroles of different capacity, a bicycle bell, metallic springs, a rubber hose, basins, shakers, plates, etc. were used to make extremely brave arrangements. There is also a new surprising version of an old hit record "Samokrutka". Duet with Billy Novik (Billy's Band) adds some special lyricism and almost "Waits'" charm to the song, and Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky's trumpet with the final chorus of werewolves increase the shade of sad irony. Here are some more people who took part in the recording: Nikolay Rubanov (bass-clarinet, baritone sax) - Auctyon, U.C.A. $ Dmitry Belousov (cello) - Symphonic Orchestra of the St. Petersburg Capella; Alexey Ivanov (percussion) - U.C.A.; Evgeviy Bobrov, Vasiliy Telegin (back-vocal) - "A-minor".

Iva Nova
"A Suitcase"

The second album of the female folk-punk quintet from St. Petersburg, which has once split off from the group Babslay. Iva Nova, whose sound is accented by powerful accordeon, is extremely popular in Europe, doesn't get out of tours and rarely reaches the studio. However, seldom but to the point is much better, isn't it? "A suitcase" includes a song in Georgian ("Georgian jazz") and also the hit "The City", which rotated on "Nashe Radio" and got into many collections. The edition contains exquisitely decorated photos of all five group members of the membership of 2008.

"Girls Sing"

Long-awaited brandnew album of the legendary St. Petersburg group, which was issued after a 11 year break. It was recorded in US with Tom Waits' guitarist Marc Ribot and other invited stars of alternative music: pianist John Medeski, trumpeter Frank London and saxophonist Ned Rothenberg. Vladimir Volkov, who had already worked with the leader of "Auktyon" Leonid Fedorov on his solo albums and with the band itself on the concerts, also took part in the recording. The sound of the album associates with the later concerts of the group and differs from the classic albums of Auktyon by the atmosphere of the "new improvisational music".